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The title of this journal comes from Shadow of the Colossus OST! Cheesy at first, but epic all the way still. ---> This

WELL! Fuck me! I can add videos now? That´s awesome! Definitely will use it later. But not now, as I don´t want to bulk this one out. Plus the tag at the end of the journal would be waaaay longer with the videos on it.

Aiight. Been a long while I don´t write a journal. So here I go. Sorry for the terrible lack of activity lately. I´ve been mostly busy at school. Actually trying to get good grades, for a change. Lots of works to do. And just so you guys know what I´m up to, here it goes the list.
An expo against bullfighting in Valencia, Spain, to be sent later this week. Despite the incredibly short span for the work to be done, I accepted, because fuck bullfighting. Seriously.
A collab in the AMAZING project "Beauty and the Myth" where the participants are to illustrate a girl and a mythical creature. Mine´s wyvern. Was presented on the La Mole ComicCon here in Mexico earlier this month.
The second part of the project Alice, What is the Use of a Book Withour Pictures (it´s still going on, I didn´t knew that), to be presented on NYIT at the middle of the next month.
I´ll be giving a short Illustration course here in my hometown.
And also, by the begining of May I´m supossed to be giving the final work for Steampunk Comic I´ve been working on (this one´s vol VI, I participated in II and IV), wich is nice, cuz is presented in San Diego Comic Con. As you can see I have shitloads of workss to do. So sorry for the fact that I´m barely in here. :c
Ill do my best to keep commenting, and trying to get at pace with the deviations i´ve yet to see.

And another thing... a TAG! Two actually. One I got tagged into, and another that I didn´t. But I kinda liked it, so fuck it. I´´l do em anyways.

First I was tagged by :iconbluecafeteria:

1. - You must posts these rules.
2.- Each person has to share 10 things about them
3.- Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer 
4.- Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal
5.- Go to their page to inform them they are tagged (we have mentions now, using that)
6.- Not something like " you are tagged if you read that"
7.- You have to legitimately tag 10 people
8.- No tag-backs
9.- You can't say that you don't do tags. 

Okay, Ten things aboout me.

1.-Despite my very well documented love for the Legend of Zelda series (my first video game was A Link to the Past), my favorite game of all times is Shadow of the Colossus. However, Wind Waker comes as a close second.

2.-I don´t drink, nor do I smoke, nor do I do drugs.

3.-I only actively follow two mangas. Berserk (wich I don´t much "follow" as I "wait for"), and lately the FUCKING AMAZING TerraForMars. Seriously. It rocks.

4.-If I were to have a dream job that would be creative director/contept artist on Konami (Castlevania ♥) or Nintendo (Zelda and Metroid ♥)

5.- I can´t remember the last time I ate a burger... :c

6.- Im a complete astronomy nerd. I love them stars.

7.-I paint my nails (black) and also my hair (so far: Blue, green, white, silver, red and purple, I want pink next)

8.- I have two piercings. I had another on the neck, but it was a mess to keep it from getting tangled with EVERYTHING.

9.- I want a bunchload of tattoos. Incluiding my eyeballs, pitch black.

10.-I´m just one year away of becoming an actual Graphic Designer. And it scares the shit out of me.


1.  If you could pick your perfect guy from any tv show/movie who would you pick? Ok, I´m changing this for "girl". And that would be Poison Ivy. Hands down.

2. What is your first memory? A drawning of a train, for when I was learning to read.

3. Describe a time when you were a kid and you felt that everything was right in the world. Well, that´s a tuffie. I guess that would be when I was out in the backyard playing with my hielocos.

4. Tell me about an interesting dream you once had. Just about a week ago I had an amazing nightmare about big penguins trying to kill me. It was kinda cool...

5. Want kids? Don't want kids? Why or why not? I do want kids. A girl and a boy. I do not think that me having little lives on my hands are the best idea ever.

6. When you're sick, what helps you feel better? Sleeping.

7. What was your favorite animated film of 2013? The Flashpoint paradox. I´ve yet to see it, but the new DC movies are killing it. And it´s not like if there are many other movies I could choose from...

8. What is one of the geekiest things you've ever done? Oh, I do a lot of geeky things... It´s my thing.

9. What is your favorite comfort food? My what?  Pizza, I guess...

10. What do you think about YOUR COUNTRY? (Yay I changed the last one >:3 ). Mexico rules, albeit a bit on the fucked up part...

Second Tag stolen from :iconrufina-tomoyo:... wich is in Spanish, so bugger for you, not spanish speakers

Las reglas:

1. Coloca tu reproductor musical en modo aleatorio
2. Responde la pregunta correspondiente con una frase de la canción.

a) Describete en una frase: Shoot Down the Stars - Gym Class heroes
"You learn to be a man without losing the boy in you
So take a step back, And a breath in
Let it out now, Put your chin up
You can do it tiger, You a man now
And in your dream it's time to do the best you can now"

b) Cual es tu secreto mas grande?: Brains - Voltaire
"BRAINS, BRAINS, I won't lie,
I'll eat their brains 'til they're zombified.
Sure they might think it's deranged
But they won't give it a thought
After I've eaten their brain.
BRAINS, BRAINS, It's okay.
It's not a matter if it isn't gray,
And if at first they think it's strange,
they won't think twice
If they don't have a brain!"

c) La siguiente frase describe tu vida sexual: A Little Less Conversation - Elvis
"A little less conversation, a little more action please
All this aggravation aint satisfactioning me
A little more bite and a little less bark
A little less fight and a little more spark
*esta linea no*
Satisfy me baby"

d) Tu ultimo sueño: The Stampede - Biting Elbows
"Run fast, or you'll get kicked apart
The stampede is off to a good start
When I see them running
I'm nowhere near a zoo
Don't I know when animals start rushing
Maybe I should too?"

e) La ultima cosa ilegal que hiciste: Born to be Wild . Steppenwolf
"Fire all of your guns at once
And explode into space
I like smoke and lightnin'
Heavy metal thunder
Racing in the wind
And the feeling that I'm under"

f) Que harias para secuestrar a Santa? It´s Kill or be Killed - Yoshioka Taku Squad
"No more heroes, it's kill or be killed
Look after nobody but yourself
nothin' else to do No more heroes,
no time to stand still If you are gonna be the number 1.
Don't think that he can't see, with his boots and his dirty jeans now
The kind of trick that I know you're pulling"

g) Grito de Guerra: The Pantheon - Darren Korb (Bastion OST)
"Gods ain't gonna help ya son
You'll be sorry for what you´ve done"

  • Mood: Noble
  • Listening to: Apotheosis - Austin Wintory
  • Reading: TerraForMars
  • Playing: Super House of Dead Ninjas

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JorgeMarquez 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
hey gracias por el favorito carnal y feliz cumpleaños
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FELICIDADES Espero te la hayas pasado increíble! (y que te la sigas pasando increíble 8) )

Por poco se me pasan las fechas, soy una mala amiga ; A ; ¡Pero nunca creas que no te quero!
Que tengas feliz cumpleaños, muchachote :iconharuhilaplz:
hyphenatedsuperhero Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Ya sabes. Feliz cumpleaños y tal. Dios, soy malo con un mouse.
Linum7 Jan 28, 2014   General Artist
Thank you very much for the fav!
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chutonon Jan 14, 2014
graias por el fav!
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Miffmelon Jan 3, 2014  Student General Artist
Gracias por el fav n_n
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Bubamatico Dec 18, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Gracias por el fav :D (Big Grin) saludos


my gallery…
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jadecks Nov 12, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
GRacias por el favorito :)
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Me acordé de tus malas artes con este dibujo…
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