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Sarah Amelie - Trade by El-Wolfgang
Sarah Amelie - Trade
Okay. This is a trade with my amazing friend :iconcoffee-sama: of her character Sarah Amelie, a swordsman, a pirate in a steampunk setting. I know, right!? Cool as cool goes.
She´s an amazing artist, and a better friend. Creative and funny. So you totally should go to check her work.
The constelations are: Carina, Vela, Puppis, Pyxis, Antlia (one star, at least), a bit of Centaurus, Crux, Pictor, Columba, Caelum, Canis Major (with the amazing star also known as Sirius), a bit of Dorado, Horologium, a piece of Eridanus and a small piece of Lepus. Also I drew Volans and Reticulum, but those are behind her head and behind the tower, so, holy cow, that was intense!! >_>

This time nothing of the process was up at my fb page. But it´d still be cool if you go to say hi.
Bueno, este es un trade con mi genial amiga :iconcoffee-sama: de su personaja Sarah Amelie. Una espadacihna, una pirata y steampunk. Ya se lo que estan pensando. No se puede poner mas cool, eh?
Es una genial ilustradora, y una amiga aun mejor. Creativa y divertida, asi que totalmente deberian de ir a ver su trabajo.
Las constelaciones son: Carina, Vela, Puppis, Pyxis, Antlia (bueno, una estrella de Antlia), un poco de Centaurus, Crux, Pictor, Columba, Caelum, Canis Major (con la genial estrella de Sirius), un pedazo de Dorado, Horologium, un pedazo de Eridanus y un pedacito de Lepus. Tambien puse a Volans y a Reticulum, pero quedaron atras de su cabeza, y de la torre, respectivamente. Asi que, holy cow! Eso fue untenso. >_>

Esta vez no puse nada del proceso en mi pagina de facebook. Pero aun asi estaria chidin si se van a dar la vuelta.

Adobe Illustrator CS3
Rompecorazones by El-Wolfgang
Everybody deals with grief differently. Some people fuck at funerals, and I draw

Heart Breaker. My latest vector Illustration. I really, really, really like this one. And as per usual lately, this one comes with Time Lapse Video! Now, I´m actually thinking on having a nice postal-gift-activity on my fb page (Link)  with this illustration, so why don´t you guys go like it!

The constellation is Virgo, and it´s probably the one thing in that pic that has no real meaning.
Rompecorazones. Mi mas reciente ilustracion vectorial. En serio, en serio, en serio me gusta mucho esta. Y como se ha estado haciendo costumbre ultimamente, este viene con un Time Lapse Video! Ahora, de hecho estoy pensando en tener una actividad de regalo de postales en mi pagina de fb (Link) con este dibujito. Asi que por que no van a darle like?

La constelacion es virgo, y es probablemente la unica cosa en esa pic que no tiene un significado detras.

Adobe Illustrator CS3
Gandhi Serif Typeface by Cristobal Henestrosa, David Kimura, Raul Plancarte y Gabriela Varela.
FireFly by El-Wolfgang
A random sketch of a Firefly. Or, well... many Fireflies. Just since I´ve been so very busy with another extremely amazing illustration I´m doing, wich will hopefully be posted here soon. Also, this will probably become a video timelapse for my vectors. Now that I learned how to make videos, I mean. I just uploaded one last week on my facebook page. So I might as well keep doing that, with more complex pics. Anyway. Enjoy!

And finally, here it is! The Time lapse. Quite long, sorry about that. But I hope you can enjoy it.

Un boceto random de una Luciernaga (que suena mucho mas punny en ingles, too. :P ). Bueno, muchas libelulas (parecido a cualquier otro elemento visual es solo una coincidencia. >_> ). Pues bien, bocetos randoms es todo lo que puedo hacer, ya que estoy extremadamente ocupado con otro trabajo super cool, que pronto compartire por aca. Tambien, probablemente haga un video timelapse de esta ilustracion, ahora que ya aprendi lo basico de edicion de video. Apenas la semana pasada subi uno a mi pagina de facebook. Asi que bien puedo seguir haciendo eso, pero con ilustraciones mas complejas. Como sea. Gozenla!

Y finalmente, el Time lapse. Un poco largo. Perdon por eso, pero espero que aun asi puedan disfrutarlo.

Adobe Illustrator CS3
Coraline by El-Wolfgang
So, I did not finish this on time, shame on me... the date was suposed to be November 10th.... anyway. >_>
Neil Gaiman is not only my favourite writer. Is also, with Dave McKean, my favourite human being. Ever. His boundless imagination and creativity has really influenced me, not only in my creative process, but in my whole life. So, for the stories, the legends, the myths, the characters, the nightmares, and the dreams, happy -late- birthday, Master Neil Gaiman. :D

Remember that you can see some previews, and process in my fb page
Bueno, no termine esta pieza a tiempo. Deshonor para mi. Se suponia que lo postearia el 10 de Noviembre. Como sea... <_<
Neil Gaiman no solo es mi escritor favorito. Es, junto con Dave McKean, mi ser humano favorito. De la vida. Su imaginacion sin limites y su creatividad me han influenciado, no solo en el proceso creativo, sino en mi vida en general. Por las historias, las leyendas, los mitos, los personajes, las pesadillas, y los sueños. Feliz -tarde- cumpleaños, maestro Neil Gaiman. :D

Recuerden que pueden ver algunos previews y procesos en mi pagina de fb

Sandman y Coraline by Neil Gaiman
Adobe Illustrator CS3
Barba Asombrosa by El-Wolfgang
Barba Asombrosa
AwesomeBeard. A pirate chick who rides her one person motorcicle ship swanicorn into the wild seas, looking for loot, booze and treasures!
And that´s about it. Random sketch of the day!
Barba Asombrosa, una chica pirata que monta su cisnecornio motocicleta barco en los salvajes e indomables oceanos, buscando riquezas, licor y tesoros.
Y eso es todo. El sketch random del dia!



Today (or yesterday, depending on when and where do you read it) is/was :iconfluffy-okami: birthday, so go on and say hello to her. And get some cake. :D

This Journal Title is brought to you by The Motion City Soundtrack, and Tim Burton Alice. A horrible movie for all it´s worth, but with a good soundtrack.

Allright. Every now and then I forget to do this Journal. The anual checkpoint! Last year I completely forgot about it, but let´s see how well I did in ywo years, shall we? I can´t believe I´ve been in dA for five full years. I´ve made so many good friends in all that time. And I´ve got so much better with all the feedback, and inspiration.

2012 entry, you know, that year the world ended

Aiight, so in two years I barely had 26 more watchers. Shees, that´s bad. It must be something about me not posting, I guess. It´s not my fault, I swear. I got so much work on me lately. Wich is awesome, I swear. I always said to myself that if life ever gave me the chance I´d hold to it with all my might. And it´s paying off! I´ve got one pic stolen, for who knows how long ... and even more important. Open this link. If you are going to ignore every single other link in this journal, check this one out My name appears in ComicVine. Somehow, for some weird reason I´ve yet to comprehend.. You know? I started drawing with comic books. If I had to mention one thing that changed my life, that would be comics. Of course, I always liked to draw, as any kid does. But comic books really kicked the love of it for me. I started studying graphic design after watching the work of Designer Dave McKean in Batman Arkham Asylum. And his love for Design inspired me to love my career as well (when he directed "Mirrormask" the credits read "Directed and Designed by Dave McKean" How fucking awesome is that?). So yeah, the fact that I got to be in a page dedicated to comics really make me feel warm and fuzzy inside... so yeah. There.

Back into the topic; I almost got 45K pageviews, and more impressive, I hitted the 100K deviation views! Go me! That´s a fucking big number. No matter how optimistic I was when I started dA, I never tought my scribbles where going to be watched One hundred thousand times! SHIT! If you write the words sounds so much more impressive!
My most faved pic is still my Cheshire cat, wich is almost on the 100 favs mark. Ok, not so good numbers after all, I guess. But I´ve grown to like that pic. Every good thing that happened to me was because of that one pic. Wich I swear, I gotta find the sketch of it. You wouldn´t believe it if you saw it. My most viewed pic is still my Strip poker pic, to surprise of friggin nobody. with over 5000 views. And well. that´s enough for this year´s count.

So thank you all, my dear dA friends! Five friggin long years, getting better, and happier, to be honest. Salutes, from me! And now, I´ll leave a flower on top of this journal and dissapear in the night, like a mysterious bandit gentleman!

And now, to make the journal complete, the hard numbers, copy pasted from the dA number thingie!

El-Wolfgang has 44,583 pageviews total and their 263 deviations were viewed 100,034 times. El-Wolfgang watches 153 people, while 251 people watchEl-Wolfgang.

Overall, their deviations received 8,953 comments and were added to deviants' favourites 2,713 times, while El-Wolfgang commented 29,825 times, making about 13.61 comments per day since joining deviantART. This means that El-Wolfgang gave 33 comments for every 10 received.

The deviation with the most comments is Miku vs Lobo with 206 comments, while the most favourited one is Cheshire, with 95 favourites. The most viewed deviation is Strip Poker with 5,146 views.

3 favourites were given for every 10 comments.

Every 14.4 days El-Wolfgang uploads a new deviation, and it's usually on a Wednesday, when 23 (15%) of deviations were submitted.

The busiest month was August 2009 when 16 (11%) deviations were submitted.

The majority of deviations are submitted to the manga gallery (140), while the favourite category was traditional > drawings with 107 deviations.

Comments per deviation: 58
Favourites per deviation: 17
Views per deviation: 658
Comments per day: 4.08
Favourites per day: 1.23
Deviation views per day: 45
Pageviews per day: 20

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