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Shibi Bafomet by El-Wolfgang
Shibi Bafomet
All right, I did the drawloween challenge, and one of the days had the theme "Devil", so I figured I might as well keep going with the chibi deities, and here this is. Shibi Bafomet. The shadng looks different than the other two, tough. Also, this has a video process Wich you can watch in here . Hope you like it! :D
Bueno, entre al reto del Drawloween, y un dia tuvo como tema "Diablo", asi que se me ocurrio que bien podia seguir con la onda de las deidades chibis. Y aqui esta! Shibi Bafomet! Aunque el sombreado se ve diferente de los otros dos. Ademas, este tambien tiene video proceso, Que pueden ver aqui. Espero que les guste! :D
fb page: el Cheshire Ilustracion
Adobe Illustrator CS3
Undyne - A True Hero by El-Wolfgang
Undyne - A True Hero
Am I the only one who thinks that Undertale is the best game of this year? I hope not. It´s a damn good game. And Undyne is hands down my favorite character. As a matter of fact she is one of my favorite characters ever. And she damn well deserves it. So I made a fanart about her. This one has a video process. Wich you can see in here
Soy el unico que cree que Undertale es el mejor juego del año? Espero que no. Es un muy buen juego. Y Undyne es sin duda mi personaje favorita. En realidad es una de mis personajes favoritas en general. Y vaya que se lo merece! Asi que la fanartee. Esta pieza en realidad la hice con todo y un video que pueden ver aca
fb page el Cheshire Ilustracion
Adobe CS3
Undertale was done by Toby Fox
Shedinja- Final by El-Wolfgang
Shedinja- Final
Well, this one was made for a project named "Mexadex, pokedex by 151 mexican illustrators".And it was a really fun thing to be part of. My entry is for 3rd Gen pokemon #292, Shedinja! The badassest pokemon, ever! It´s a ghost ninja bug that eats souls. Hope you like it!
Bien, este fue hecho para un proyecto llamado "Mexadex, Pokedex por 151 ilustradores mexicanos". Y fue un proyecto divertido en el cual participar.
Mi entrada es por el pokemon de la tercera generacion, #292, Shedinja! El pokemon mas badass de la historia. Es un ninja fantasma que come almas! Espero que les guste! :D
Facebook page
Shedinja and all other pokemons are propierty of GameFreak
Varia Suit by El-Wolfgang
Varia Suit
I guess that would be more appropiate that "Gravity Suit". Anyway, Samus Aran fanart, yeah, I know the legs are all weird, but I liked the idea, and the overall sketch. So yeah... there. I hope you people like it too.
Supongo que el Traje Varia es mas famoso que el Gravitacional, pero bueno. Como sea. Un fanart de Samus Aran, y si, se que la parte de las piernas esta rara, pero me gusto la idea, y el sketch en general. So yeah, there. Espero que a ustedes tambien.
Facebook page
Samus Aran is property of Nintendo
Penny Vidocq Color by El-Wolfgang
Penny Vidocq Color
Hello, everyone! This is my Private Detectivette, Penny Vidocq, with her loyal pet owl, Edgar. Her giant Magnifying glass is not only a tool for her investigations, but also a weapon to behold! I also did a Noir, grayscale version, wich I´ll post in my facebook page, if anyone is interested.

Anyway, my entry for this month´s Character Design Challenge, with the theme "Private Detective". Hope you guys like it! :D

Hola, todos. Ella es mi detective privada, Penny Vidocq, con su fiel buho mascota, Edgar. Su lupa gigante no solo es una herramienta de investigacion, sino tambien un arma para temer! Tambien hice la version Noir, a escala de grises, que subire a mi pagina de facebook, por si alguien esta interesado.

Anyway, mi entrada para el Character Design Challenge de este mes, con el tema "Detective Privado". Espero que les guste! :D


Well, this journal is gonna be important, so here I go.

This Journal title comes from Austin Wintory amazing Journey Soundtrack.

- Journal -

Okay, first of all, Happy holidays, people! Whatever holiday is it, or just a common day. Either way, hopefully you are having a wonderful time. I, for once, I´m doing amazing.

Now than that´s been taken care of, time for the biggest new in this journal. Biggest new in a lot of time, actually. I have oficially finished College! I am now a real Graphic Designer. Kudos to me, I suppose. After four and a half so very long years, I´ve finally concluded school. And up to the real world, where I should find a real job. Altough I´ve had more than few freelance working I am also very realistic on the idea that I´m still a long way away from being able to live from freelancing alone. So I´m more than scared. (the other title idea was "Panic attack", by Dreat Theater >_> ). But Happy, I think. I´ve been a student for most of my life. And I think that´s been more than enough. Now, I´m not completely free from school just yet, but it´s only some paperwork that it´s left to do. So yeah, I know that all of us in here are illustrators, so it would be quite pointless to promote myself like that in here (I will open comisions, tough... soon)(probably), but rather as a Graphic Designer! If any of you guys know someone, or some place that could be in need of one, gimme a call.

Anyway, that also means that I´ll start to have more time to be on here, upload more frequently, and update myself with the things I have yet to check/do in dA. This green place has been very important for my professional journey (see what I did there? eue), and with the new mobile app, much more free time, and my interest in becoming a fulltime illustrator, I´ll be around more often, hopefully.

Appart from that not much more news to tell, The Comics I´ve done for Arcana Publishing are soon to hit the shelves, I did an illustration for the VCon (Videogame concert) here in mexico, the biggest of his kind in latinamerica, I´ve been invited to a local comic book expo to promote my work and whatnot, and been offered to do a bimensual comic for a Mexican Mag (Wich I have not yet accepted cuz I can´t write a good story for my life >_>), and there is one more big new I´ve yet to tell, but that will see the light in here soon, so I´ll keep it secret a bit longer.

Also, does anybody here have SNES games? I´ve been looking to update my SNES cartridge library, but in my city is short of impossible to find any. So yeah, I´m buyin. eAe

- Tag -

Also, I took this questionary from Rufina-Tomoyo

   1.       How did you join DA?

I´ve always loved to google for some inspiration, comics, and whatnot. Back in the day deviantart appeared A LOT in those google searches. And there was the "join to avoid ads" and stuff. So I totally did. Because fuck ads.

    2.       Your username has something to do with you?

Not anymore. Old nickname, I guess.

    3.       Which is your actual avatar?

:iconel-wolfgang: Oh my, that old frog. I really like that one. 

    4.       How many watchers do you have? How many people watch you?

I watch 201 people, and 270 watch me. Now, that´s bullshit. >_>

    5.       Do you have more than one account?


     6.       Name some of your favorite artist in DA. Which deviants do you admire?

Well, those are two different things. I could stay all day here linking all the amazing artist I admire, lot of professionals and inspiration I follow. Take a ride into the list of people I watch. All 201 of them I admire. :D

    7.       How many deviants do you know in real life?

Sadly, just a handful. I know :iconbluecafeteria:, :iconmiss-mad-heater:. Altough we don´t interact that much, from my hometown I know :iconnekoneri: and just recently I realized that a friend of my college has a dA! :iconhopebeliever:. I don´t actually watch her, because I found out like two days ago. She doesn´t seems to be very active in here. But still.

    8.       Do you comment, give favs or do both?

Depends. I try to comment and have something interesting to say about the work otherwise I just fav.

    9.       What things do you normally submit on DA?

Illustrations. Vectors, that´s it.

    10.   Do you participate in clubs in DA?

Not really. >_>

    11.   Which is you most popular submission?

The deviantart numbers thingie says that is either Cheshire by El-Wolfgang with 110 favs or Strip Poker by El-Wolfgang with +5k views and +4k downloads. WHAT!? Fuck off. Well, I guess it´s time to open my hentai commisions, you bunch of pervs!

     12.   Which is your favorite submission?

I like Rompecorazones by El-Wolfgang very, very, very much.

    13.   If you draw, what would you like to do better?

Backgrounds. Seriously. <_<

    14.   Do you have a premium account?


    15.   How many hours do you spent on DA?

That´s a tough one. I spend maybe one or two a day. I´ll get better. I swear.

    16.   Do you type slowly or fast?

I type fast. And mess up a lot.

    17.   What is the most annoying question you are asked?

Nobody ask me anything. Ever.

    18.   Which has been the most offensive comment you have been given?

I don´t remeber. I don´t really think I´ve ever got any bad comment here.

    19.   Who or what inspires you?

I don´t know. I usually just do things. Inspiration is for amateurs.

    20.   While drawing, do you use bases?


    21.   Do you associate people on DA with its icons?

Yes. Specially since I´ve seen little to no pics of most of them.

    22.   Have you ever suggested a daily DA?


    23.   Have you ever considered leaving DA? Why or why not?

I would NEVER do that. I love dA. Really.

- New Year -

And finally now,for the sixth year in a row, my long tradition, the new year resolution wishlist. Again, solo en español.

Estas han sido las metas pasadas, en las que me ha ido menialmente bien....

Metas del 2010
La edicion del 2011
Ese año en el que se acabo el mundo
2013, creo que no estuvo tan mal
Y las de este 2014

Y en caso de que sean muy flojos de abrir los links, el checklist del año pasado!

1.- Superar mi hit del Cheshire, y mi imagen de Strip Poker, en favs y vistas... (que? quiero superarme a mi mismo. >_>) FAILED! Damnit!

2.- Mejorar mi ilustracion, aun mas. Bueno, no la ilustracion como tal, sino el concepting. Digo, si no le metes una buena idea a tu ilustracion, lo que vendes es la tecnica, y la verdad se que mi tecnica esta lejos de ser top tier. Done! No quiero sonar mamon, pero todo el concept detras de rompecorazones y de mi pic para el VCon estuvo fuerte. eAe

3.- Dar mi dAMex tour, para conocer a toda esa asombrosa banda deviantartera del pais. Por que son bien cheveres, y pues para cotorrear. :) (Smile) (ademas me da curiosidad saber como se ven algunos de ustedes...)Failed! Doble damn!! >m<

4.- Mejorar mi ilustracion en 3D (si, se modelar en 3D, pero quiero sacar cosas aqui bien sabrosas. Y lo que hago es muy geometrico y basico...)Done! No, lo juro. He estado practicando mucho en Cinema4D. Si no subo nada es por que aunque si he mejorado aun no estoy ni cerca del nivel que quiero.

5.- Aprender a animar. Bien, quiero decir. Se unas cosas basicas de flash, y entiendo el concepto del frame to frame, pero quiero ponerme fiero con eso.Failed

6.- No bajar el ritmo de trabajo, me va bien, claro. Pero si me aplatano me dejan atras. Y me encanta trabajar como monero en esas antologias Steampunk. ;u; Done! Y con creces. Este año de trabajo estubo intenso. Hell, hubo un tiempo en el que tuve cuatro trabajos de ilustracion simultaneos! Ahora, esto backfired to me cuando la escuela se interpuso y tuve que abandonar uno. Pero well, asi son las cosas a veces. :c

7.- Colaborar con mas colegas ilustradores y diseñadores. I... dunno. Done, kinda? Estube en un par de colaboraciones, antologias, proyectos de revistas, y demas. Si bien no "colabore" con ellos directamente si colabore junto con ellos en el mismo proyecto. So that kind of counts, right? Saben que apesta? Siempre me invitan completos desconocidos. Mis amigos nunca jamas lo han hecho. That kind of sucks big time. xD

8.- Tener mas dinero. Y administrarlo mejor, tambien. XD Half done Si tuve mas dinero. Lo administre dormido y con las patas. eAe


10.- Mejorar en OTRAS areas del Diseño, si ilustro un poco, y hago chacharitas, como Seri, ingenieria de papel y editorial. Pero quiero volverme bueno en otras cosas... >_> Done!! Creo que en general mejore un poco en todo, excepto en foto. Soy una patata para la foto. He hecho unas cuantas cajas muy coolsitas, y ahora quiero hacer y subir aqui algunas plantillas de paper toy. :D

Y mis metas para este año 2015, al que voy con todo!

1.- Conseguir trabajo. Primera y mas importante meta de este año.

2.- Superar mis one hit wonder de 110 likes y el otro de 5500 visitas.... pervertidos. >_>

3.-Sacar un proyecto propio. Tengo unos cuantos en mente, pero generalmente se quedan en ideas y nunca los aterrizo. About damn time, I guess. Y con las oportunidades que me llegan, creo que se me facilitara bastante.

4.- Comprar mi tableta graficadora. Damn! Tengo años queriendo una. Mi mano de mouse duele mucho despues de unas horas.

5.- Dar mi Deviantart MexTour y conocer a tantos colegas deviantantosos como sean posibles. (>°u°7

6.-Ilustrar un comic para alguna editorial internacional (ya he hecho para Arcana, pero esta segunda mitad del año me aleje hardcore del comic. Eso no me gusta <_< )

7.-Tener algun proyecto relacionado a Videojuegos. Ya hice una para el VCon, y un proyecto para un juego de android, asi que no suena tan descabellado.

8.-Mejorar mi ilustracion. Aun tengo un largo camino que recorrer...

9.- Comenzar el largo camino para volverme un freelancer de tiempo completo. Trabajitos aqui, alla. Anything goes.

10.- Comprar muchas cosas! Muchas muchas! Mis juegos de SNES, comics, quiero comprarme un N64, tantas chacharas que comprar en linea! It´s absurd! D:

- Last Words -

And so it ends, 2014. A very good year for me. Really. And I´m feeling lucky for 2015. I´m starting with a few proyects already. And I hope all of you have a fantastic new year! And for those of you who are already in 2015, salutes! From the long past year of 2014. A big hug to all of you, and best wishes.

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